Tile Flooring

When it comes to choosing a type of flooring that's multipurpose and incredibly durable, tile is always a top pick. Tiles are typically made from ceramic or clay and are installed on flooring, along walls and backsplashes, and within pool linings, because they're waterproof, heat-proof, and strong. Tiles are held together with a grout mixture that's applied between the tiles and left to dry to seal them in place. Combined, the tiles and grout can offer your interiors unbeatable strength and comfort.


Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are a fantastic choice when looking to invest in a heat-proof and waterproof flooring solutions. Since tiles are often made from fired ceramic, they’re solid and sturdy and can offer lasting durability. The ceramic tiles are then glazed over, making your tiles shiny and easy to clean. The grout that holds the tiles together is also durable, offering water-resistant properties that allow you to put your tile flooring around the house as you see fit. It’s versatile, modern, and maintenance is low, so you don’t have to worry about extensive cleaning to keep them looking great.

Clay Tiles

Unlike ceramic tiles, clay tiles have a bit more texture and aren’t glazed over. While they don’t have the same glossy finish, they’re still smooth enough to walk on and line your home’s interiors. Clay tiles are equally durable and offer quality strength to your floors. They’re installed in a similar fashion to ceramic tiles and are held together with the grout material as well. Just like ceramic tiles, clay tiles are also water-resistant and won’t succumb to damages easily when regularly encountering foot traffic, spills, and moisture.

Tile Repairs

Often times, you may find that some of your tiles have come loose and cracked or that the grout holding the tiles together is chipping away. When this happens, you may need some tile repairs. Tile repairs are designed to help you get the most use of your tiles without having to completely replace the surface. Tile repairs are easy because we simply have to remove the damaged tiles and replace them with new ones that are fitted perfectly into the old spot. This is done by chipping away further at the binding grout and removing the broken tile from the surface. A new one is adjusted in its place, and it's blended in with a fresh layer of grout to minimize the obvious appearance of a repair. Tile repairs are affordable and more cost-effective than replacing the entire tile surface.

Grout Brightening

We can also offer grout brightening services. When you’ve had your grout for several years and it’s come in contact with lots of foot traffic, dirt, mud, and dust, you may find that those dirt particles have begun to accumulate in the pores of the grout. This can alter the brightness of your grout and made it look old or muddy. We can provide grout brightening services to remove dirt and add clarity to the grout so it looks newer.

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