Sanding & Refinishing

Sanding and refinishing services are optimal solutions for those with existing hardwood floors that could use a second chance. Some clients choose not to remove their hardwood floors because they prefer the appearance of the wood and want to restore it to its natural beauty. By sanding and refinishing it, we can make it look like new and all without having to actually remove or replace the boards. Before we can do this, however, we’ll have to assess the condition of the wood panels to make sure they’re still suitable to be refinished, as not all wood floors are in the condition to be restored.

Restoring Flooring

The primary reason that sanding and refinishing services are selected is because clients want the freedom to redo their hardwood floors without having to strip them completely and replace them with new wood. Doing so can rack up the costs and be more wasteful, especially if your existing hardwood floors only need a little TLC. Our team can offer professional floor refinishing solutions by sanding and buffing the floors to remove any stains and damages, before finishing them off with a fresh stain and topcoat.

Removing Old Flooring

Often times, hardwood floors serve as the base beneath other flooring materials that need to be removed first before we can reach the hardwood. These materials typically include laminate and carpet. Once you tear up these materials, you’ll notice the hardwood base beneath them that has nails and scratches on it as it’s been covered and glued. These imperfections will need to be sanded away using our specialty sanders and sanding techniques. Once complete, we can then smooth and buff out the wood panels, add a fresh stain, and seal it all in place with a topcoat and sealant.


Buffing the floors is also important when it comes to wood floor refinishing. This is because the buffing process can remove any remaining and minor imperfections that can alter the way the stain is applied or the sealant is coated along the top. You want an even and uniform surface and color, so it’s important to have all of the hardwood buffed out completely to remove minor scuffs, scratches, and to create a soft layer that’s easy to work with. This will allow the stain to brush on smoothly and efficiently, and won’t create problems when drying either.


Lastly, you’ll want to consider your options for beautiful finishes. The most common finishes include gloss, semi-gloss, and matte finishes. The gloss finish is the shiniest one that offers a sheen and bright glare as it’s coated across the surface. It makes your wood panels appear bright and reflective. Semi-gloss finishes are less gloss but still pristine looking and are clean and refined for interior flooring purposes. They’re easy to maintain and clean and aren’t as high-gloss as their gloss counterparts. The last option is a matte finish. While this sounds dull, matte finishes are traditional, warm, and provide a more natural aesthetic that the other finishes do not.

someone sanding the hardwood flooring
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