Commercial Flooring

Commercial flooring solutions are available to our commercial clients looking for a team that can take on large-scale projects with ease. Our team has extensive experience in providing commercial-scale projects to a range of commercial businesses of all industries, including retail, restaurant, event venues, and entertainment properties. We regularly provide our flooring services to office spaces, campuses, and other types of commercial properties. No project is too large for us so we encourage you to get in touch if you have a commercial property you need quality flooring applied to.

Large-scale Projects

As mentioned before, we can offer commercial flooring solutions for large-scale properties. Whether your property has one use or multiple uses for various businesses, we can accommodate those needs with our flooring services. We can install tiles in your commercial bathrooms, carpeting in your entrances or common areas, and any other chosen flooring that suits your budget and aesthetic needs. We have a team of contractors that work specialty with large-scale properties to ensure the best flooring possible.


When it comes to installing commercial flooring, planning is key. We know that the success of your business often depends on the speed and efficiently with which we can complete the flooring project. That's why it's important that we create timelines and implement proper planning so your flooring can be installed and completed in a timely manner. We also plan for potential delays in cases where old flooring needs to be removed or there are issues in installing the flooring for your commercial property. When it comes time to install the flooring, this is done in the same manner as any other type of flooring, with the panels or boards or tiles aligned inside the designated space and sealed together before being left to dry.

Mixed Flooring

We can assist with installing mixed flooring for your commercial property. Many properties are home to multiple office spaces and retail spaces and therefore, the flooring needs to be different for every use. Depending on the interior use, we can install both central flooring that runs throughout the building in the common areas, as well as specialty flooring for each individual business or office space. Some offices may prefer hardwood or tile, while other offices are keen on vinyl or carpeting. We recommend discussing these options with your potential tenants or installing neutral flooring that will look great throughout the entire space as a whole.

Multilevel Flooring

Along with installing mixed flooring, we can also install multilevel flooring. This is done across the levels of your commercial property's interiors. We can also install flooring on the stairs, walkways, hallways, and any interior balconies that skin along with the levels. Flooring should also be installed in the bathrooms, waiting for areas, common areas, office spaces, storage spaces, and any other areas that are intended to be used or seen by you, your clients, your tenants, or potential visitors. Multilevel flooring enables your interiors to look cohesive and uniform with great flooring throughout.

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